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Frequently Asked Question

What are Fidget Sliders?

Fidget sliders are satisfying stress-relieving toys for adults. Multi layers high-quality metal sliders weight perfectly to fidget and play with when stressed, they are fantastic EDC toys to engage your hands and mind for creative thinking and pleasurable feelings.

They are super fun sensory toys to play and return a strong feedback sound for a relaxing mind. Metal magnetic fidget sliders are worth buying than ordinary fidget spinners and toys for adults. Beautiful engraving or digital patterns make it fun to feel the surface and enjoy the crisp sound of sliders.

What are the Benefits of Fidget Sliders?

The fidget sliders are precisely made toys to fit your routine, pocket, and hands. Like other ordinary fidget toys, it also help to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, and other disorders like autism or ADHD.

Playing with slider toy replaces your negative emotions with creativity. Whether you are going to a meeting or are frustrated, the back or forth motion of sliders and magnetic sound reduce stress and frustration, and focus your energies on one point.

The slider fidget toy also helps in eliminating bad habits like nail biting, skin picking, or face touching. Simply keep the slider in your pocket or purse and enjoy the anti-stress fidgeting when needed. Gift to your children, family, or friends at different events like Christmas, Halloween, or parties. 

How to Play with Fidget Slider?

Playing with magnetic fidget sliders is a bit more satisfactory and significant. The metal poker sliders have a rotatable screw on one end. So, you can adjust the tightness of the sliders to your desire. 

The poker slider is easy to play, just like poker. Simply, push one side of the slider over the other and the clashing sound will take place. Because the inside of the sliders constitutes magnets that produce sound when the two surfaces are moved against each other. Pushing the sliders provides force feedback to your hand, alleviating stress and tension.

The fun haptic fidget slider is also extraordinarily smooth and enjoyable. It is a three layers toy. Hold the haptic toy in your hand and push it in the upward direction. The three layers will slide over each other, and the inner magnets will produce a relaxing sound. There are also two game like buttons on the surface that you can touch and press for increasing focus.

What Material are the Fidget Sliders Made of?

Keeping in mind the stress level of adults and their fidgeting intent, the fidget sliders are made of premium quality and high standard. They are made of:

  • Metal (stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, aluminum)
  • ABS Plastic
  • Carbon fiber
  • Rosewood

The outer slides of metal fidget slider are electroplated with a machine for a smooth feeling. While, the plastic ones are also beautifully finished to engage the body and mind. Moreover, all our slider toys are safe to touch and play with. They don’t cause any side effects on the skin and hands.

How to Choose the Right Fidget Slider for You?

Overall, all the fidget sliders are lightweight, compact, easy to carry anywhere and anytime for home, school, office work, or a party. But the metal sliders weigh slightly more than the plastic sliders, but it feels great to carry in hand.

For selecting the right  EDC slider, you can consider weight, material, and layers. Metal sliders are best for you if you need beautiful patterns and minimalist shapes on the toy and some weight to satisfy your hands and emotions. While plastic slider goes well if you need a more lightweight and multilayers slider fidget toy.

Metal sliders produce a crisp metallic sound, while plastic haptic sliders are more affordable. Or more in-depth, you can select the slider by the desired magnets numbers. If you are a beginner or a starter for the slider, the plastic slider will be the right to choose. By considering all these factors, you can select the right  one for you.

How to Care for Magnetic Fidget Sliders?

To make the slider a long-lasting toy and worth your dollars spent, being a little careful is essential. There are no hard and fast rules of care, but some simple measures can extend the life of your sliders. 

Firstly, the magnets inside the sliders can get rusted due to water and you will not get a soothing and relaxing sound. So, try not to touch with wet hands and prevent water contact.

Also, don’t forget to clean the sliders when necessary. Simply, clean with a dry cloth. Don’t aggressively and forcefully push the plastic sliders, they can get distorted. Learn fidgeting with plastic sliders and then buy metal ones if you need hard material for playing.

Why Do You Need a Fidget Slider?

Over the few years, fidget toys are extensively used because of their numerous benefits. Adults are also using fidget toys for stress relieving properties. They are more likely to get hyperactivity, overthinking, depression, or disorders, disturbing their normal routine. Therefore, the pushing and crisp sound of metal sliders help them cope with anxiety and stress.

Different reviewers of the EDC fidget slider claim they got positive benefits in reducing stress, tension and bad habits like skin picking, peeling, or nail biting. When you push the slider toy, your negative energy and emotions are transformed to move the slider from its place. And the resulting feedback of magnetic sound soothes your nerves for focus and better feelings.

You should buy magnetic fidget sliders if you need an EDC fidget toy made of high-quality material with great anti-stress properties.

What are the Specifications of a Magnetic Poker Fidget Slider?

The magnetic poker fidget slider is one of the best and most selling slider toy. It is loved because of its material and the metallic sound that is produced by sliding the two layers.

It is made of high-quality zinc alloy. The inside of the surface has 11 magnets arranged on both sides of the sliders. It is available in three different captivating colors with round edges for smooth touch.

Moreover, it weighs about 2.5 ounces and is 1.77 x 1.33 x 0.33 inches. It is best for children and adults of 16+ years. If you are looking for a metal fidget toy, the poker fidget slider will be a top choice for you.

Do Fidget Sliders Help Focus Your Brain?

The unique designs and trendy shapes magnetic sliding fidget toys are in demand these days, especially among adults. They consider it the best hand carry toy to relax the overwhelming thoughts and emotions. 

Sliders help people to achieve comfort and an optimal level of stimulation to enhance their cognitive performance. Fidgeting with sliders signals the brain to focus on one thing rather than distractions and uneasiness. You will be attentive while doing an important task, or spending time with your family or colleagues. Fidget sliders are considered low-cost fun and a cure for anxiety and to stay positive and focused. 

Where to Buy Magnetic Fidget Slider?

Buy fidget sliders at official site fidgetsliders.com, free shipping to USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Spain and all other countries.

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