Haptic Fidget Slider

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What are Haptic Fidget Sliders?

Haptic fidget sliders are affordable multi-layer edc fidget sliders with inlaid magnets. The unique composition and structure with varying magnets numbers make it hot selling fidget toy among adults. They have enclosed magnets inside and engraving on both sides of the sliders for a comfortable feel to hands.

The material variations include metals, carbon fiber, rosewood, and plastic. The carbon fiber haptic fidget sliders are also durable and wear-resistant to worth your money and last longer for several years. The unlimited pushing or clicking movements with soothing sound ease the mind and relieve stress and depression.

It features two or three layers with a clickable surface as style variations. You can order the desired style based on your preferences, either two layers, three layers, or a clickable surface fidget slider.

They are available in different sizes, designs, colors, and patterns on the surface. From simple to modern designs and quiet to loud magnetic sound, they fit your budget and hand.

Why do You Need a Haptic Fidget Slider?

The haptic fidget slider is ready to go and carry option with you for home, office, travel, or outdoors. The mini haptic sliders are pocket and hand size to adjust to your daily routine.

It can be your primary choice for the following reasons.

Long-lasting Toy

High-standard and durable metals and plastic sliders and clickers are wear and corrosion-resistant. You should buy it if you need a long-lasting edc toy with stronger material.

Help Focus Brain

By eliminating extra sensory information and overstimulation, haptic fidget sliders enhance motor skills and mental abilities. You should buy it if you need lack focus and struggle with sensory sensitivities.

Anti Stress Toy

Research also suggests that fidget toys eliminate stress, anxiety, autism, ADHD, or hyperactivity. You should buy it if you need an elegant solution to edge off stress and depression from your life with simple and unlimited pushing movements.

Ideal Gift

Haptic fidget sliders are an ideal gift for your family, colleagues, or friends on different events like Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or new years gifts, struggling with sensory outputs or suffering from sensory disorders.

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