Slider Fidget Toy

Buy metal slider fidget toys magnetic at factory prices.

3 Layer Slider Fidget Toy


What are Slider Fidget Toys?

Slider fidget toys are ergonomic handheld fidget toys designed for comfort and pleasure feelings. Fully engraved and polished surfaces of the sliding fidget toys are super smooth to touch and fun to play. Moreover, the carefully placed definite shape magnets produce exciting sounds to soothe disturbing impulses and unpleasant emotions. 

The perfect round edges with inside magnets and low friction provide excellent grip when sliding the surfaces. Pushing slider fidget toys transforms stress and depression into calm and peace with the force feedback sound waves and responsive movement of nerves.

With different shapes, designs, sizes, and colors, edc sliders fidget toys fit every individual need. The edc fidget sliders are perfect to carry in your hand for daily routine. Or keep it in your home or office for fidgeting when you are depressed or need focus.

The high-quality material made it last longer for many years to cuff off anxiety and depression from your life. The slider fidget toy are proven to enhance focus, eliminate stress, and alternate bad habits to perform loudly without distractions.

Why do You Need a Slider Fidget Toy?

Slider fidget toys are preferable over ordinary plastic fidget toys in many perspectives, including manufacturing and functioning. Thousands of buyers rate slider fidget toys as an elegant addition to their life to ward off stress and unwanted feelings. They are small and slimmer fidget toys and produce a loud or quiet click depending upon the type and composition.

The sliders are perfect for you, If you suffer from bad habits like smoking, skin picking, nail biting, leg shaking, or any other. Whenever you feel stressed or need to bite nails, just hold your slider and push or play with it. Within no time, you will feel positive change including pleasurable feelings altering the bad habits.

If you feel several panic attacks or hyperactivity, slider toy are the best to buy. They are not only fun toys to play but the smooth clicking, grasp holding, pushing movement, and metallic magnetic sound eases the mind and returns soothing emotions. The slider fidget toy adds a thrill to your life if you are anxious about the meeting, bored from life, or tired from gatherings.

If you lack focus, fidget sliders provide a single point of attention to remove overthinking and distractions. Continuous sliding clears your mind and gives you new impact to perform tasks effectively.

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